Intercooler maggiorato Forge


COD: 48985551d83f
Categoria: Intercooler

The Forge intercooler is larger than standard intercooler. The intercooler for the MII F56 Cooper S has a stepped bar and plate core construction to maximise the surface area. The Forge intercooler has a larger frontal area than the standard MINI intercooler by 63% and a 57% total volume increase, this increase means an improved cooling capacity. Cooler boosted air means a large volume of air (denser air) caan be forced into the egine, improving combustion leading to improved performance.  

During in house testing The Forge F56 intercooler showed a power increase of 10 BHP and torque was consistently improve throughout the rev range. Inlet air temperatures were decreased by 13 degrees C over stocked at 6.5K rpm. 

Categoria: Intercooler

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