Corona Renthal Twinring


Twinring™ Rear Sprocket

  • Inner ring is the same high strength Ultralight™ 7075 T-6 aluminumused for the standard Renthal sprocket
  • Outer ring is electroless nickel coated steel for ultimate durability andis designed with the minimum amount of material to keep weight down
  • The outer ring is expanded at 200°C and then fitted over the inner; thisinterference fit combined with the wave pattern ensures a permanentbond for the life of the chainwheel
  • The flat socket head screws add additional strength to the chainwheelduring side impacts and eliminates contact with the chain guide
  • Self cleaning mud grooves between each tooth prevent dirt build upand reduce chainwheel wear and weight
  • Will outlast a standard all aluminum sprocket by 3 times, yet is muchlighter than an all steel rear sprocket
Categoria: Estetica
Categoria: Estetica


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