Front suspension arms kit

720,00 Euros

These suspension arms kit intended for track day, road and racing applications, have been designed to improve the stiffness and strength of the arms, to decrease weight of the masses on the ground and to eliminate unwanted movement of the wheel, caused by the excessive elasticity of the original silent blocks. The Mini, in particular, suffers from a sudden wear and consequent destruction of the standard rubber silent blocks. This causes unwanted movements of arms that result in an absolutely not accurate driving. The situation worsens during acceleration: the vehicle tends to "wave" not allowing to download the driving torque to the ground. DNA suspension arms kit replaces the standard rubber silent blocks with systems composed of motorsport spherical joint that completely eliminates unwanted movements. Results: improvement of the handling, of the steering system, a better control of the characteristic angles of the suspension, improvement of braking and most of all elimination of the tendency to "wave" during the acceleration phase. A MUST for the Mini over 180 hp.