Racing nuts and studs kit

89,00 Euros

Wheel hub studs specifically designed for motorsport use.

Enjoy the benefits of our hub stud conversion kit :

5mm allen hex slot built in at the tip of the stud. This allows easier and quicker installation/removal of the studs. Built in 12mm “stop” between the hub and wheel thread of the stud, for easy installation. Just bolt in the studs at the specified torque value and you are ready. Phosphate Nickel surface treatment. Greater surface hardness for increased durability and effortless advance of the wheel nuts on the thread during tightening. Heat treated for increased tensil strength over cheap regular hub studs.

Complete set of 16 hub studs. Will fit only first generation MINIs (R50/R52/R53) with M12x1.5 wheel bolts. Will not fit on the GP or second generation MINIs.