Akrapovic exhaust for mini turbo

1.560,00 Euros

The Evolution system ME-MIN/TI/1H stainless steel high quality Akrapovic provides excellent sound and excellent engine performance.
This system is constituted by a tube connecting optimized with a resonator central and rear end. Improves performance, adds power and torque, and improves the responsiveness of the engine, particularly in the midrange.
The system has a sporty and aggressive tone, without any unwanted hum, which is in keeping with the character of the car.

Evolution complete exhaust system, homologated:


• exhaust system with integrated resonator and end muffler


• titanium tail pipes


Hard facts:


• plus 2.4 HP (at 5500 rpm)


• plus 4.1 ft-lbs (at 3530 rpm)


• minus 5.1 lbs